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Tedde Berger and Loek Heijselaar

Tedde en Loek

A bit more than 25 years ago it was Loek who decided to stop a much to busy and stressed live and made his move to a more relaxed future in a agreeable climate. After making a deep and critical search he found the ultimate destination in Lagos, Portugal. Until today he didnít regret his decision for one moment. Playing around for about three months he got the sense to start some business again and that is what he did.

About 12 years ago Tedde also discovered the pretty way of living in Portugal. She knew the country and the surroundings of Lagos already a few years but the more she stayed the more she started to love it and she also decided to move from Holland to Portugal permanently. Tedde came to the idea to do something that was already in her mind for a long time.

I like to start a Bed & Breakfast has to be something very special. Tedde and Loek joined their lives and their ideas and started to find a house or location suitable to their wishes. Not one house they found was approved right or was in condition to remake to what they wanted. The only project left was an old farmhouse in state of ruin which did belong to the heritage of the priests. Restoration or rebuilding was no option. The only solution was to design a complete new building according to actual quality demands but with the characteristics and charm of the original farmhouse.

Mid 2010 Loek and Tedde started to live there and they took a year for try out and tests of all systems as should be expected functioning also fully occupied. Family and friends were invited and also a fully filled house did pass all requirements.

During 2011 the first quests were welcomed and it was a big success according the enthusiastic reactions.

They like to share now this success also with you and hope to see you also at Herdade dos Frades.

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