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Underneath you find photo's and a small description of the guest area, each wit hits own atmosphere. All rooms are situated on the north-side of the Villa and guarantee a cool sleep. The sliding glass door equipped with a flee door opens to a covered terrace.

After a good sleep it is great to have a nice breakfast. At the covered terrace with sea view or inside in the lounge Tedde is serving every morning a delicious breakfast. Home made marmalades from own grown fruit, three varieties of cheese and meat, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea, and if you like something special pancakes with Portuguese honey.


In the Africa room you will say "This is Africa man..". The painted walls are like a sunset after a warm day. Paintings of wild animals made on primitive materials. The pillows of the chairs refurbished like the skin of a puma and the showcase full of original handicraft brought over during many years. That is also Portugal as you can see also in Lagos with the former slave market and the influence of the 17th century.


Our Captains room let you believe you go across the ocean. One wall only with original and used sea maps. Calculations and notes written on it to help you on your trip. In the showcase are the needs to complete your trip. The binoculars, compass, telescope, radio, a logbook. And a really sextant and everything you need to arrive safe to your destination. In the meantime the captain sketched and framed on the wall. The local sweetheart of the captain is also present.

Do you feel unsafe? In the bathroom is hanging a buoy to rescue you.


The Portugal room is furnished in modern style with use of old fashion Portuguese elements such as the iron headboard of the beds and a small sofa also made in the same style. Original old style chairs not to sit on but as a decoration fixed on a wall. A showcase filled with original Portuguese attributes, handicraft and in the bathroom a touch of Portugal through a original tile painting.


The Golf room is breathing golf. The bed with its huge headboard in golf style, the showcase full with golf attributes and the golf player himself. Also famous Tiger Woods is part of the room, pictured in different swing positions. The bathroom with a beautiful golf decoration. Golf courses are mentioned below but there are muuuuch more of them We can help you to make your choice.

Local golf courses




Your hosts can help you learn more about the golf courses in the area.


Music is a way of life. The music room has the ingredients, life is changed by people who did change dramatically the style of music and the most important under them are looking at you from the music wall. On both sides of your bed you will find two old composers take their rest together with you. In the showcase the memories of the old times as well as some almost unknown instruments and taking a shower a painted and framed choir is joining you to sing your song.


The philately room is most boring, or not? Looking around you will discover that stamps are not just stamps but history. The caricature of the collector is watching you, don't touch his treasure. Two big collages of stamps are taking you on a trip around the world and some very special issues are given an idea of the fantasy of the designers. Silver stamps not printed but minted like coins, stamps issued as a memory to the coffee industry, smelling like coffee and also for instance Switzerland famous because of the chocolate issued a stamp tasting as chocolate. The showcase gives an idea of the steps to come to this hobby.

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